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John F. Kennedy


He was the 35th president of the united states and served from January 1961 to 1963.he was involved in the Vietnum war. When he was president ,the African-American civil Rights movement, the berlin Wall, th congressional district of Massachusett’s in the U.s. From 1953 to 1960, he served as senate in the U.S. In the 1960 U.s. presidential Election , he defeated Vice president and Republican candidate Richard Nixon. When he was elected to the office, his age was only 43.He was the 2nd youngest president and in the 20th century, he served as the first person. He was Roman Catholic president and had won a pulitzer prize. On November 22,1963  in Dallas Kennedy was  assassinated. Lee Harvey Oswald killed this president. After two days later, Jack Ruby shot and killed Oswald. Since 1990s kennedy’s was health problem and his unfaithful marriage much pressed him in his private life.
Project Apollo .From 1947 to 1953,he was represented 11
Early life and education
On May 29,1917he was born at beats street in Brookline, Massachusetts. Patrick joseph’s son was his father . His grandfather was a businessman and a politician. Mayor of john Francis’s “Honey Fitz” daughter of his mother. From Ireland his grandparents were immigrants. He had three brothers such as joseph Patrick”Joe” kennedy, Robert Francis “Bobby” Kennedy and Edward Moore “Ted”
kennedy. He had sisters also named rose Marie “rosemary” Kennedy,  jean Ann Kennedy, Kathleen Agne” Kick “Kennedy, Eunice Marry Kennedy, Patricia Helen “pat”kennedy.  His father
 write a memoir of his an American ambassador three years and throughout south America then traveled.
Military service(1941-45)
He joined the U.S Navy after medical disqualification by the Army and causes of lower chronic back problems  of himself. In Panama and in the Pacific theater he did his duty and he got rank lieutenant and he commanded  two patrol boats.
Congressional career(1947 -1953)
James Michael curley vacated his seat in massachuseetts  11th congressional district  in the strongly Democratic  at Joe;s urging  as mayor og Boston and by a large margin Kennedy ran for the seat opponent of his Republican.  For 6 years  as a congressman , he served.
U.S. Senate (1953-1960)
For the U.S senate seat , he defeated the Republican Henry cabort Lodge ii in 1952 of US Senate election.
!960 presidential election
He was campaign  for president election and faced challenges on January 2 1960 and for his civil rights movement  , from Mississippi fourteen electors and Albama refused to support Kennedy. For  Senator Harry F.Byrd of Virginia , they voted. He was the youngest elected president.
Presidency (1961-1963)
On January 20, 1961 at noon, he sworn as the 35th president in the U.s.

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