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Nazrul’s music and style

Poet Kazi Nazrul islam

Nazru’s music has highly motivational and revolution . His songs have powerful words and captivating tunes. His songs of lyrics have philosophy and spirituality. These songs express freedom.
Nazrul compsed many Persian ghazals and Bengali ghazals. In 1927-28 ,he undertook.
Historical influence
He wrote many revolutionary songs such as karor oi Louho Kopat (prison-doors of steel) is the best and welknown.
Notable songs

There are many songs compsed by Nazrul such as Dolan Chapa(a fragrant monsoon flower}, bhangar gan( The Song of Destruction), Bisher bashi(The poison flute) poems and songs, 1925 ,Chhayanat(The raga of chhayanat), poems and songs, 1925, Chittanama(On Chittaranjan), poems andsongs, 1925, samyabadi(the Proclaimer of equality), poems and songs, 1926, Puber hawa(The Eastern Wind),poems and songs, 1926, Sindhu Hindol(The Undulation of the sea), poems and songs, 1927, Sarbahara (TheProletariat),poems  and songs,1926, Jinjir(chain),poems and songs, 1928, Shesh saogat Last offerings), poems and songs, 1958. , bisher bashi, chittanama, chhayanat, samyabadi,

In the mirror the reflection of your face
(Original: Arshite tor nijer rup-i)
Kazi Nazrul Islam
Translation: Abu Rushd
You lingeringly watch in the mirror the reflection of your face
And proud of your beauty you don't care to look at me.
Without rhyme or reason you expectantly look toward the forest.
Perhaps you think at your sight the birds will start singing.
You compare your lovely face with the moon
And you think you are the real moon and the other thing
                        longs for you.
When you go to bathe in the river you devise ways of delay,
And fancy the tide will come rushing to see you.
Courtesy: Mohammad Nurul Huda. Poetry of Kazi Nazrul Islam in English Translation
[Dhaka: Nazrul Institute, 2000). p. 683.

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