Friday, December 19, 2014

What type of jewelry suit you?

Ear ring
Women with spring
Ear ring
Women who has thin skin and has blond hair called spring women. Their eyes also bright and may be blue, gray blue or light brown. Their hair may copper gold, yellowish-brown, ash-bond, red hue.
The perfect choose jewels are yellow gold, precious stones with orange, blue, amethyst, turquoise and sapphire.
Women with summer
Women who have cold face with olive or porcelain tan called summer women. They have ashen hair with brown shade. Their eyes may gray blue, green, hazel, green or light gray color. The perfect jewelry suit  as  silver , white gold and diamonds and rubies  gemstone.
Women with Autumn
Women who have slightly yellowish or golden tan called Autumn women.They have light blue, muted green, gray, dark brown or golden brown eyes. And their hair color bright rufous or chestnut.
The perfect jewels suit as yellow, pink gold , corals and amber.
Women with Winter
Ankle bracelet
Women who have cool skin tone such as snow whites with  light skin and  swarthy southerners. They have dark eyelashes and eyebrows. They have gray with icy shades, bright gray, blue or black.
The perfect jewelry s are silver and silvery materials. They suit pearls.
Recommendations for all type
ankle bracelet
With an open neckline , the necklaces adhered to the neck.Women should wear suitable clothing and discreet earrings.Women should avoid large stones and graphic motifs and this may kitschy. Women should avoid overloading of rings when they wear colorful clothes. When women wear long sleeves then should use rings with dark stones. When women do not wear a necklace then wear long graphic and fine ear rings. Women should use ankle bracelets when wear skirt or hippie style long dress.

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