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Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa
Mother Teresa
 Mother Teresa was a Roman Catholic  sister . She was born in Macedonia and her originating in Kosovo. She was born on 26 august 1910. She founded  Missionries of Charity.  She consisted over of 4,500 sisters. There are 133 countries active in it. This
charity has counseling programmes, leprosy and tuberculosis, dispensaries, kitchens, mobile clinics, orphanages, schools.  It has vows of chastity, obedience, poverty etc.
In 1979 she receipt  Nobel Peace Prize. Blessed Teresa of Calcutta of her. But the Catholic church she  was recognized.
Early life
Her birthplace was the Republic of Macedonia .Her family moved to Tirana in Albania. Until 1934 they lived to Skopje. Her mother from a village near Yakova and her father from Prizren, Kosovo.
In 15 August 1928 the final resolution was taken. At age 18 she left home and join the sisters of Loreto. In India she used to teach school and she learnt English.  In1929 she arrived in India and
started  novitiate I Darjeeling. On 14 May 1937 she took her solemn. Teresa was appointed  headmistress  in 1944. In Calcutta she was disturbed by the poverty.
Missionaries of charity
Sister Teresa had just become Mother Teresa, Though no one knew it at the time. In 1948 she joined her missionary work with the poor. She was wear simple sari that had a blue border. She got Indian citizenship  and she took a basic medical training  in the Holyfamily hospital in Patna. She founded and create a new religious  community for helping the “poorest the poor”. Mother Teresa had good skill at five languages : Albanian, Bengali, English, Serbian,
Health and death
In 1983 Mother Teresa was suffered with a heart attack in Rome and Pope john Paul II was visiting there.  In 1989 she  had second attacked and an artificial pacemaker was replaced with her body.
Mother Teresa’s collar bone was broke and she fell down in April 1996.

From the head of Missionaries of charity , she reigned  on 13 March
1997. On 5 september  1997, she died. 

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