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Queen Juliana of Netherlands

Queen Juliana of Netherland

Queen Juliana was queen of Netherland. Since 1948 to 1980 she was queen of Netherland.Her parents were Queen Wilhelmina and prince Henry .Her husband was German aristocrat prince Bernhard of Lippe- Biestefeld and she had four children . in 1938 princess Beatrix,  in 1939 princess Irene, in1943 princess Margriet  and in 1947 Princess Christina. In1948 she became Queen of Netherland and her abdication  was in 1980.In1975 Indonesia  became independent from Netherland. She was monarch at the age of 94 and she was the longest live long the world. She had received her secondary education fr
om private tutors.  In 1930 she graduated from the university with in subject of international law.
Early life and education
On 30 April 1909, Juliana was born.  Her mother was Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherland and her father was Duke Henry of Mecklenburg- Schwerin. Juliana was the only child of her parents.
Queen Juliana  met prince Bernhard of Lippe –Biesterfeld and he  was young German aristocrat, businessman . He was not a playboy and have a dashing lifestyle. On 8 september 1936 her engagement  was announced. On 24 November 1936 , her wedding day. 
On 4 May 1948 , she joined as Monarch in the Netharland. She abducted at her
age 71 on 30 April 1980.
Illness and death
Juliana suffered with dementia .For several years she suffered with Aizhelmer’s disease. On 20 March 2004 she died in her sleep.
Titles, styles, honours and arms
Titles and styles
1909 30 April- 4 september 1948- Her Royal Highness princess Juliana
1948 4 september -30 April-   her majesty The Queen
In 1980 30 April- 20 March 2004- Her Royal Highness princess Juliana

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