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Beautiful Gardens in The World

Hamilton gardens in Newzelland
Hamilton gardens in Newzelland

In Newzelland Hamilton is a public garden. It is owned by Hamilton and by city council it is managed. This garden is very attractive to visitors.  There are 1 million people visited there every year. It is divided into productive, paradise, fantasy, Landscape and Cultivar . It is situated on the bank of the river of Walkato and state  highway1. It is free for entry and parking. This park is open in daylight period. There are located a Hamilton Gardens Pavilion, a Hamilton gardens cafĂ© and a volunteer operated information center. In 1960 it is established. In 1972 the Rogers Rose garden was established beside this garden. A block highway is developed beside this garden. It is opened for public in 1982. There are also established a walkway and a waterfall outlook in this garden. In 2014 it owned the International Garden Tourism Award. 
History of gardens
It was established by Hamilton East Belt in 24 july1960. It was established for the public recreation. It is based on specimen trees
collection and various flower beds in flat lawns.

This garden has the first world Rose collection by Hamilton in 1971.  Hamilton was established this  Hamilton new gardens due to his previous the Lake domain  garden’s roses were limited in size. This garden was named Dr Denis Rogers and he was mayor of Hamilton from 1959 to 1968. The pacific Rose Bowl Festival is held on at the Rogers Rose garden since 2001. It is not only a botanical garden but also compared to a museum. This garden is contained of 21 themed garden areas. It is a unique , historic integrity. This garden reflects their arts, life styles, beliefs and their civilizations. This garden

also arrange weddings, corporate functions etc. It can contain 600

people’s seat.

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