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Hazi Mohammad Mohsin

Haji Mohammad Mohsin
Haji Mohammad Mohsin college
He was a great nobel man for his notable contribution. He was born  at Hugli in 1732. His father name was Haji Faizullah and his mother’s name was Zainab khanam. He received home based knowledge, he learned about the quran, Hadith and the Fiqh. He went to more countries such as Iran, Iraq , Turkey and  the Arab peninsula. At Makka , he made pilgrimage and  visited  Medina, Karbala , Kufa  etc.  He performed his
Hajj and received title haji.
His work
He received the management of of the estate of his sister Munnujan. Her husband was Mirza Salahuddin the Naib –faujdar or Deputy military Governor of Hugli  Nawab. She inherited from her
mother zainab. Zainab’s first husband Aga Motahar had a lot of properties in Hugli, Mursidabad , Jessore and Nadia. In 1803
Munnujan was died.  Mohsin inherited all of wealth after his sister’s death . He decided to distribution this wealth for charity and in 1806  made a trust. These wealth was 156,000 taka. He was donated one-third of this wealth for education and religious programmes , for pension four-ninthsto elderly peoples and disabled, and for the expenses of the trustees. 

Haji Mohammad Mohsin Ambara, Hughli

On November 1812 he was died. In India and Bangladesh , he is an idle and namesake of many educational institutions for his contributions. He was established College the New Hooghly college name Hoogly Mohsin college in Chinsura, West Bengal.  In Chittagong , Government Hazi Mohammad Mohsin college  is the nameshake of him. In university of Dhaka , the name shake of the Haji Muhammad Mohsin hall.  In Bangladesh Navy, he is
Haji Mohammad Mohsin college, chittagong
also nameshake of Dhaka.
Haji Mohammad Mohsin  Hall in Dhaka University

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