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The writer of "Dossu Bonhur" -- Romena Afaz

Romena Afaz was
 one of the legendary writer of Bangladesh. She was very famous for her adventure-thriller series Dosshyo Bonhur. This series was Banhur’s many advantures of East Pakistan and present pakistan. She had also written many more novels which was about the middle class muslim families life in Bangladeh.
On 27 December 1926, Romena Afaz was born in a nobel muslim family of Sherpur, Bogra.  Her father’s name was Qazem uddin Ahmed and he was a police Inspector. Her mother’s name was Asyia Khatoon and she was a devotee of literature. She visited many places in British India and gawardxperienced more cultures. She was inspired from her parent and her mother was led to her to create of adventure series Dashyo Bonhur. She was married at the age of 13 with  Dr. Afaz Ullah Sarkar of Foolkot , Bogra. Her husband was founder of Demanjani high school and  social activist. She have 7 sons and 2 daughters.
Romena Afaz was started her literary work at her early age of only 9. Her first literary work named Banglar chasi published in the monthly Mohammady  during the British period Calcutta. she also wrote more poems, stories, novels, articles and adventure stories of a female robber Doshyo Rani.  Her some books have translated into
English. Her fmous books are novels such as Kagojer Nauka, Alok Roshmi, Shesh Milon, Dhusor Prithibi, Sagorer Saikote, Ghoorni Haoa, Rokte Anka Map, Lekhoker Shwopno, Momer Alo, Mandigorer Bari, Modhumita, Mayar Sangsar, Matir Manus etc.
There are movies are made from some of Romena Afaz’s novels such as Moomer alo,  Kagojer Naoka, Modhumita, mayar sangsar, Matir manus, and Doshyo Banhur.

Romena Afaz was achieved by 37 organizatios .  Jatio Mohila Sangstha’s , Boagra chairperson  ,       Sammilito Mahila Tran Samiti,Bogra,Vice Chairperson of Bangladesh Jatio Krida Songstha, Bogr; Vice Chairperson of Jilla Sahitto Sangsad,Bogra,Lifelong Advisor and Patron of Thengamara Mohila Sabuj Sangho,Bogra; Advisor of Shishu Academy, Bogra; Advisor of Bangladesh Writer’s Forum, Bogra  was
Romena afaz . She got many awards such as Begam Rokeya Sworno Padak-2000 (Gold medal),  Nari Mukti Andoloner Agrodooth Swarno padak-2006, Gono Unnoyon Gronthagar Nari Foram etc There are establish many trust and Smriti Parishod for the memorize of Romena Afaz such as Romena afaz library, Romena Afaz Smriti Parishad, Romena afaz kollan Trust in Bogra.

 on 12 June in 2003,Romena Afaz died  Joleshworitala, Bogra.
  Romena Afaz Road is named in the city of Bogra after herher name. Millions of reader love for ever for her legend.
Some of Bangla films are made from her novelslike Dosyu Banhur, Mayar Sangsar, Matir Manus, Kagojer Naoka etc. You can watch these films and these are available in the internet. Here is this link

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