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Charles Babbage

Charles Babbage
Charles Babbage was born on 26 december 1871. He was a famous polymath in England. He was also an inventor, philosopher, mechanical engineer.   He  was the inventor of computer. He was called as a “father of computer”. In the London Science Museum,  uncompleted mechanisms are taken for display .
Early life

He was born at 44 Crosby Row, the road of Walworth in London
of England. His father had four children and he was the one of them. His father’s name was Benjamin Babbage and his mother’s name was Betsy Plumleigh Teape.   In the East Teighnmouth of the old Rowdens house, his family was transferred in 1808.
In 1810  Babbage attended at trinity college, Cambridge.He had self thought about contemporary mathematiand the He was member of the ghost club and the extractors club.In the peter house he transferred to in 1812. In 1814 without examination he received a degree.  He joined as a professor at  Cambridge. He had capacity about absolute measurements. He was also a pioneer.ophthalmoscope was his another invented things.
He was married with Georgiana white more on 25 July in 1814.They had eight children and four children were alived. The children were Benjamin Herschel, Drugald Bromhead, Charles Georgiana white more, Henry prevost.
Computing Pioneer
Babbage was the inventor of the mechanical computers. But he had funding problems and the government gave  £17,000 for his project after 10 years later.. He  was failed to confidence about his project.  The machines of Babbage were unwieldy, separated of the memoryand data program, units were separated.


On 18 October 1871 he was died at 1Dorset Street, Marylebone.  His great-great-grandson published the autopsy report in 1983. In the science Museum of London , Charles Babbage’s brain is taken for display and at the Hunterian Museum the other part of his brain is taken for display.

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