Monday, June 29, 2015

Alexander the Great

Alexander the great
was the Empire of Persian and Macedonia. In 356 BC , he was born in Pella of the ancient Macedonia. His father was king Philip of Macedonia  and his mother was Olympias  . Olympias was the Princess of the Epirus. At the age of twenty , he
received throne. He was the largest empirein the ancient world. He had an unprecedented military campaign between Asia and northeast Africa.  His military commanders  was most successful and Greece, Egypt and  into northwest India , he was stretching. His tutor was Aristotle upto the age of 16. He rulled from the Adriatic Sea to the Indus river for ten years.  There were twenty  cities named as his name such as  in Egypt Alexandria, a city  Alexandropolice in  Greece. At the age of his twentee , he received the throne of Macedonia. He trained on in medicine, science, philosophy.In326BC , he entered into the India but turn back due to demanded of troops.He taught also in a boarding school Mirza. He got many of students as his friend. In 332BC he conquered Egypt and established a library that named as Alexandria library .After his death Egypt was captured by his general PtolemyI. In 331 BC he left Egypt and went to Mesopotemia and conquered there.
He died in Babylon at his palace Nebuchadnezzar in 323BC and his age was only 32.

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