Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Hazrat Rabia basri

In 717 A.D , she was born in Basra, Iraq. Farid ud- Din Attar described about her and he was a poet and Sufi Saint.  In her family her position was fourth. She was not born into slavery. Although her family was poor but was respected in the society.
Her family was so poor and they had no oil for a lamp to lighting. He had no any more cloth to wrap with her. She was took by the robbers and and in the market she was sold as a slave by robbers.  She used to hard service in her new master house.  After the finished of her household works , she used to pass the whole night with prayer. she was prayed with divine light in the whole night. Many of the days , she would fast. Her master once a middle night awake up and heard  her voice that she was praying to Allah. She was saying that she wish to freedom from slavery and if she removed from slavery, she would be pray whole day and night. The next day morning , the master told her decision that she might be stay as mistress of this house.   She insisted to leave from this house and she wished that leave this house .  And she was left this house and was free from bondage. She became  an ascetic and into the desert she went.  Hasal al-Basri was her murshid. She left rush and  spent with prayer in whole night and contemplation. She got many offers for marriage and from Amir of Basra also but she didn,t agree with it . She refused all propose and sha had no time for anything without Allah.

She was died in 801 A.D ( 185 A.H) in Jerusalem. She was the most memorable sufi in the world.

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