Sunday, August 2, 2015


Napoleon Bonaparte
was the Emperior of the France. He was also military and political leader. He was born 15 August in 1769.He was leading and dominated European affairs  against the revolutionary war and Neopolianic public education was established by him and feudalism was abolished by him.His father was Carlo Bonaparte and mother was Maria letizia RamolinaRamolino.His position was fourth in their family. In 1784 he   completed his studiesstudies at Brieenne.
And he joined in the Ecole military.Due to his father's death his income was reduced and he was completed two year's course in one year. In LA Ferre artillery regiment he joined as second lieutenant .on 2 December in1804 he elected as Emperor.He was also king of Italy on 26 may 1805.

He died in 5 may in 1821.

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