Thursday, September 3, 2015

Sir Isac Newton

Sir Isac Newton
IsacC Newton was born on 25 december in 1642. He was an mathematician, physicist and natural philosopher.In 1687 his book philosophia Naturalis Principia Mathematica was published.First reflective telescope was built by him.A theory of colour developed by him.
 Early lifelife
He was born prematurely. He was born after three months death of his father.His mother married again and he disliked his step father.
He lived with his maternal grandmother.
When after death of his step father,his mother wanted to make him farmer but he was hated it.His uncle helped him for his studies.In 1664 he awarded a scolership and he completed his MA degree.
Binomial theorem was discovered by him in 1965 .He also developed mathematical theory calculus. In 1672 Fellow of the Royal Society elected him .
He also invented theory of colour and it is named Newton's theory of colour.
Newton observed that coloured light was scattered, reflected or transmitted and the result of the same colour. He invented the law of universal gravity.
In 1703 Royal society was made him as president.
In 1705 his scientific work was recognized as Master of the mint.
He was never married. On 20'march and in 1727 he was died in
London in sleep.

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