Thursday, October 1, 2015

Hatem All - Tai

Hatem Al -Tai
Hatem tai was an Arabian poet .  He was very famous . His father was Sahaba Adi Ibn Hatim. In hail he lived in. In the sixth century CE , he lived in . The Persian poet Saadi wrote about him in his poem Golistan and Bostan. He is very famous still in middle East, India ,Pakistan and Bangladesh. He was a king but lived in a simple life. He was very kindful for everyone and never harmed anyone . So everyone loved him in his kingbanu.
A mysterious story about him that a young Prince was weeping under a tree. He asked about weeping and the young Prince told that he loved with Husne banu. She was the princess of Khorasan. She refused to marry and setup seven mysterious questions . She would marry him who solved that questions.
Hatem agreed to answer those questions and Husne banu accepted that agreement. Hatem returned to Yemen after the seven tasks. He became the king of Yemen and married  with Zarin pash. He ruled the kingdom peacefully and justly. In 578 , he died in hail.

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