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Lipstick’s history

Elizabeth tylor
Lipstick is the woman’s  cosmetic product and it is useable and  very popular in the woman’s world. Without lipstick face decoration and makeup is not fulfilled. It is made of oils, emollients, waxes and then apply colour. There are various types of lipstick . In the ancient times, lipstick worn women.
Elizabeth Arden
About 5,000 years ago,  lipstic was invented by the Ancient Sumerian men and women. They used crushed gemstones to decorate their faces, lips and around the eyes. In the ancient times (3000Bc to 1500 BC)women used tinted lipstick for decoration of their lips and face. In the ancient times, Egyptians used a colourful mixture that’s are red dye focus algin, bromine and 0.01% iodine.  This type of dye caused serious affected and illness. Abu al qasim al- Zahrawi invented solid lipsticks during  the Islamic Golden age. These lipsticks were rolled with  perfumes and were molds with special. And there are found brief discussion in Al-tasrif.

In England-
Elizabeth Arden
During the period of 16th century in England, lipsticks were more popular. There were bright red lips and stark white faces were more poplular and fashionable. Lipsticks were made by beeswax and red stains. These lipsticks used upper class women and male actors. During the period 1770 the British rulled and that period women could not use lipstick befor her wedding day.

In united states
During the period 19th century, lipstick used with carmine dye. They used carmine dye that was made from insect’s body and eggs and mixed with calcium salts and aluminum. Carmine was mixed with wax and oil during the
Lipstick shades

Lipstick has a limited number of shades in the 20th century. Between the 19th and 20th century, dark red was the most popular shade. Elizabeth Arden introduced different colors lipstick in 1930. A variety of lipstick shades created and inspired by Elizabeth Arden. Pink lipsticks are made from colourless titanium dioxide and red shades. And these are organic and inorganic pigments. Matte lipsticks has filling agents such as silica and they have not many emollients. Crème lipsticks have waxes more and less oils. Long lasting lipsticks have silicone oil. Glossy lipstick has more oil and the lips become more shiny.

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